Bondimed Aesthetics GmbH is a family run company founded in January 2012 by Christoph and Brigitte Kann.

Company headquarters are in the heart of Austria in Gmunden am Traunsee.

Our product portfolio is designed above all for plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and for gynaecology and  dermatology .




We provide the most modern breast implants such as the light B-Lite implant, biological and synthetic meshes and clinically tested systems for liposuction and fat transfer, including the required accompanying products. The introduction of EarWell TM auricular correction systems for infants makes Bondimed an international player.


We also distinguish ourselves through competent, friendly consulting, a highly trained team and support for education and continuing education for physicians. These properties create our key to success.

Thank you

Today, we are indispensible in the Austrian market and we would like to thank our customers and our patients at this point for the trust that has been extended to us!

Your Bondimed Team