B-Lite® lightweight implants – perfectly tailored to you

B-Lite Silicone Implants

More than merely choosing an implant – your lightweight solution.

Whether as a reconstructive or cosmetic surgical measure, only the right implant fulfils the dream of the perfect breast in the long term! That is why the medical product should suit both the patient and the surgeon: B-Lite® therefore not only includes a wide range of shapes (projections) and dimensions (up to special designs), but also four differently structured surfaces. Thus, the B-Lite® programme offers the exactly fitting implant for every woman.

The 30% lighter weight makes it feel lighter to wear. Significantly less stretching and a noticeable reduction in centrifugal forces during movements lead to less tissue stress, reducing the risk of ptosis (lowering of the chest). Back and neck pain are also reduced or completely eliminated..


Learn more about the advantages of B-Lite® lightweight implants in the videos!

The lightweight silicone implants of the B-Lite® series from the leading German quality manufacturer POLYTECH are based on the unique microsphere technology from space travel: The chemically inactive, microscopically small hollow spheres create high volume, the use of silicone gel is thus limited to a minimum – both together lead to the aforementioned weight reduction.

Silicone itself is a natural material that has been used for medical products for over 40 years. The basis of silicone is silicon – the second most common element on earth and a component of stones, clay and sand. The safety of silicone in the medical environment has been proven by a multitude of tests. The same applies to the unique microsphere technology: the high-purity hollow spheres made of borosilicate are characterised by the high robustness of the material. Permanently bound into the cohesive (cross-linked) silicone gel, they achieve an extremely high strength due to the special spatial arrangement and chemical bonding, which remains even in the unlikely event of a tear in the implant!

Especially in the context of post-operative pain, B-Lite® implants impress with clear results compared to traditional implants: Less pain (5.5 instead of 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10) reduces the need for analgesics (painkillers, from 5.3 to 3.9 days on average). There are also significant effects on recovery time (4.3 instead of 6.3 days) and return to everyday activities (6.5 instead of 11.3 days)*. By the way, 96% of all patients are particularly satisfied with the soft and natural breast feeling**.
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** G&G Report B-Lite® Survey (2017), Data on File

With four different textures, the doctor can achieve different effects depending on the individual prerequisites of the patient or also depending on the projection and dimension of the desired implant. B-Lite® MESMO® offers a low capsular contracture rate* with a fine microtextured surface structure, while the microtextured surface B-Lite® POLYtxt® with greater irregularity provides better tissue adhesion**. This has been proven hundreds of thousands of times. On the other hand, B-Lite® Microthane® with an open-pored 3D matrix and a “tissue mesh “*** provides more tissue stability and a natural look of the breast with an extremely low capsular contracture rate. POLYsmooth™, on the other hand, with a smooth surface, is a high-quality variant for certain tissue characteristics or surgical preferences.
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The regular satisfaction analyses of surgeons also speak clearly in favour of B-Lite®: 95% of all surgeons are satisfied with the result in aesthetic terms*. The justifiably high expectation of predictable, long-lasting results is also confirmed by an extremely low rate of re-operations in the 6-year observation**. But also in mammography and ultrasound, the microspheres provide better quality imaging due to their white, opaque appearance in visible light.
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In keeping with the high quality and reliability of POLYTECH products, a free extended warranty programme is offered which includes, among other things, the lifelong replacement of implants free of charge in certain cases. You can find more information here.