Breast Implants

by POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics

Regardless of your personal motivation for considering breast surgery, you surely have many questions on this subject. In the following we have complied information for you on breast implants.

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A basic distinction is made between anatomical and round breast implants. Anatomical or drop-shaped, curved implants come closer to the natural shape of an adult female breast. Round implants tend more to the shape of a youthful breast.

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics currently offers the widest selection of shapes, sizes, projections, silicone gel and covering surfaces for breast implants.

We thereby make it possible for physicians to find the respective, fitting solution for their varying patients.

Roughened and coated implants offer the advantage that they maintain their position in the body and do not slip or rotate as readily.

Moreover the Microthane ® coating offers verifiably

The advantages of Microthane ® breast implants are highlighted in the IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE patient program:

The IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE patient program by POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics offers a assurance program for breast implants:

  • Lifetime exchange guarantee for breast implants in case of rupture (tear) of the covering.
  • 10-year-exchange guarantee for breast implants with a coating of Microthane ® in case of hardening of breast tissue (capsule contracture) and slippage (dislocation) or rotation of the implant.

Participation in this program is voluntary and requires patient registration.

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  • German Quality – sole German manufacturer of silicone implants
  • All implants are produced at the Dieburg location in Hessen, in accord with the highest quality standards in  craftsmanship.
  • Market success for over 25 years
  • The goal: the best quality and the most safety for the body and the health of the patient.


 Dialogue and cooperation with partners, physicians and patients are the most important prerequisites for consistently high quality and absolute safety for all products.