Excellent results through HIGH-DEFINITION-SCULPTING

he VASERlipo™ system is a precise, minimally invasive technology for fat aspiration and for remodelling. It provides surgeons with a number of opportunities for body contouring in a single, user-friendly device. The VASERlip™ system makes possible the removal of small volumes of fat for precise shaping and also greater volumes for quick fat reduction.

The application of ultrasound technology assures the maintenance of connective tissue structures and the reuse of the removed fat cells. The minimally invasive procedure means that high definition sculpting is associated with briefer downtimes.

Amplitude control in pulsed and continuous mode with a time recorder to record the activity.

The VentX® system constitutes a unique, high performance, precision infiltration- and aspiration unit. It has an atraumatic cannula design and assures individual fine tuning of aspiration capacity. VentX® makes continuous aspiration possible with a minimum development of noise. The system is oriented to obtaining viable fat tissue. Infiltration speed and direction are readily adapted.

With VASERlipo™, a tumescence fluid is infiltrated into the desired area of fat tissue to shape the body. This fluid, which contains microscopic gas bubbles, distributes around and in between loosely linked fat cells. The gas bubbles expand and burst when the ultrasound energy set by the VASERlipo™ probes is reached. The force that results from the bursting bubbles releases fat cells from the fat tissue matrix so that they can be easily removed.

After the fat cells are mobilised they are mixed with the tumescence solution through a process described as acoustic streaming, whereby clumps of fat are broken up into smaller groups of intact fat cells and are then aspirated. Because the air bubbles cannot disperse in between the cells of denser tissue such as blood vessels, nerves and collagen fibres, the ultrasound energy has no effect on these tissues. Most fat cells within the emulsion remain intact, whereby the fat that is treated with the VASERlipo™ and removed can be used for the fat transplantation that follows.