Single-use system to extract larger quantities of reinjectable fat, incl. a collection vessel with a filter and a disposal connection, 183 m of suction hose and 15.2 cm of transfer hose with a Luer-Lock connection

The Tissu-Trans® Filtron® system is suited to applications that process larger quantities of autologous fat, such as breast enlargement and breast reconstruction or gluteal augmentation

Production description Tissu-Trans® Filtron® was developed to extract and filter larger quantities of high-quality fat. It is a ready to use, sterile single-use system.

An extraction vacuum set low at 380 mmHg safeguards fat cells especially well during extraction, and they are additionally preserved from the damaging effects of centrifugation. The extracted fat is ready to use in the transfer and can be reinjected immediately.

The Tissu-Trans® Filtron® system is installed between the liposuction handpiece and a standard disposal container (not included in the scope of delivery). During the extraction, the system filters out waste material and leads it through the disposal connection into the container. The system is delivered together with a 1.83 m aspiration hose and a 15.2 cm transfer hose with a Luer-Lock connection. Additional requirements are an aspiration device with a standard aspiration hose (6.35 mm or 7.94 mm ID), Luer-Lock syringes for fat transfer and a reinjection cannula. A 3 mm cannula is recommended for aspiration. The system must be fastened to a high container stand or an infusion stand for which an appropriate universal clamp is required.

For the system to function correctly the tissue to be aspirated must be well hydrolysed in advance, similar to high volume tumescence anaesthesia. So that the filtered fat tissue still contains 3- to 5% fluid, which assures uniform flow during aspiration. This portion, however, can be further reduced after the fat has been pulled into the transfer syringe.