EarWellTM – gentle help for sail ears and others


Protruding auricles (so-called sail ears), pocket ear, question mark ear, steel ear (also called spock or elf ear), satyr ear, cup ear and various mixed forms occur in 20 to 35 percent of all newborns, so they are nothing unusual. In 90 percent of these cases, the deformity remains – or even gets worse (only 10 percent normalise). Children in particular suffer from the ridicule of their environment, which in many cases leads to a lack of self-esteem or even depression. Gentle treatment can prevent these consequences in the first weeks of life, when the cartilage is still soft enough!

Das EarWellTM system gently shapes baby ears with an innovative silicone splint: Depending on the individual characteristics, the soft cartilage of the auricle is restored to its naturally beautiful shape in only 2 to 6 weeks – without surgery, anaesthesia or pain!

The EarWellTM ear correction system is based on the softness of the cartilage in the first weeks of life – only then can the ear be shaped accordingly. Therefore, an early start of treatment is crucial: a start in the first two weeks of life is optimal and leads to a success rate of over 90 percent. In principle, the silicone splints can be applied until the sixth week.

Bondimed is responsible for the Europe-wide distribution including training measures of the EarWellTM system for ear correction. This guarantees the professional training of specialists for optimal treatment. You can find correspondingly trustworthy providers via our doctor finder, which we update continuously.

EarWellTM can already be applied at the first check-up after birth. The procedure can be learned by any doctor with the help of detailed training videos. The video below shows in detail how to carefully apply the splint, which can be done painlessly in just a few minutes. The Bondimed team will be happy to answer any questions you may have in person.